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IWrassleable Standard

Seeking Community Input

The IWrassleable standard is under development and we're seeking community input! Please contribute to our RFC if you have strong feelings about the standard, required functions for calling and receiving calls from the Wrassling Arena contract and our approach to roles and permissions.

The IWrassleable interface is the open-source standard that allows access to the Wrassling Arena. Your contract must implement the required functions from this interface in order to create compliant tokens. You will also need to import the IWrasslingArena interface in order to call the arena contract.

0xEssential will not approve contracts that have not been verified on PolygonScan. Until we are supremely confident that we can maintain gameplay integrity through automated means, we must be able to evaluate your deployed contract's source code for compliance with standards and our rules for fair play.


Wrassler attributes are defined using the IWrassleable.Wrassler struct:

interface IWrassleable {    enum WrasslerArchetype { Face, Heel } 
    struct Wrassler {        address wrassleableContract;        uint256 tokenId;        string name;        string bio;        WrasslerArchetype archetype;        uint256 aggression;        uint256 awareness;        uint256 determination;        uint256 power;        uint256 resilience;        uint256 speed;    }}

You are welcome to use the interface and write your own compliant contract from scratch, but we also provide inheritable contracts that implement the required functions alongside virtual functions to be overridden by you where necessary.

The wrassleableContract and tokenId allow the Wrassling Arena to interact with your contract and should be derived from your deployment and token IDs from your minting.

The name and bio strings are used in the gaming layer for display purposes, and may be set by your users, generated based on traits or written by your team.

The aggression, awareness, determination, power, resilience and speed integers are the gameplay attributes used by the gaming contracts and are derived from the an approved JSON file you pin to IPFS prior to contract deployment.

Note that we are considering expanding the standard to include more attributes. Please (see our RFC)[ ] to learn our motivations and to provide your own input.


Your contract must also implement functions to handle registering a token in the Wrassling Arena and for receiving a call from the Wrassling Arena to upgrade a Wrassler's attributes.

Registration can be performed by your contract admin in bulk, or as a public function called by a token owner. The Wrassling Arena provides a public function for registration that can only be called by approved contracts. Your contract can call IWrasslingArena(arenaAddress).registerWrassler to register a Wrassler, so you will need to call that internally, either in bulk by contract owner or per-token by the token owner.

Roles and permissions#

0xEssential is committed to the open metaverse, and wants to allow your contract to persist the same upgraded wrassling attributes as our gaming contracts persist. If your token holder increases their stats through playing the game, we want those increased stats to be available to any game that uses the Wrassleable standard via your ERC721 contract.

To achieve this, your contract must implement Role Based Access Control, preferably using OpenZeppelin's AccessControl contracts - our open source contracts handle this for you.

First, in your constructor you will create an ATTRIBUTE_UPGRADER_ROLE and grant it to the Wrassling Arena address. You must then also set the Wrassling Arena as the role admin - this gives the Wrassling Arena exclusive permission to grant and revoke the ATTRIBUTE_UPGRADER_ROLE. When 0xEssential adds your contract to the allow-list of Wrassleable contracts, the Wrassling Arena contract will ensure that it has this role, is the role administrator, and no other addresses have this role.

0xEssential takes fairness and integrity incredibly seriously. Any attempt to circumvent our rules will result in being banned from the Metaverse Wrassling Federation.