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Wrasslers Using Chainlink VRF to Help Power Provably Fair and Permissionless NFT Gaming

· 4 min read


Wrasslers is a new NFT gaming platform launched by 0xEssential that depends heavily on Chainlink VRF—a verifiably tamper-proof random number generator. The Wrasslers alpha release allows players to choose any Ethereum-based NFT they own as the basis for creating a Wrassler with statistical attributes that describe the Wrassler’s skills. Players can then compete in turn-based matches against Wrassler’s blockchain CPU characters. Chainlink VRF is already live on Polygon mainnet and being used to randomize a Wrassler’s starting stats, as well as to provide a randomization seed to each match, allowing for increased variance in gameplay and match outcomes.

“Using Chainlink VRF for Wrasslers was a no-brainer,” said Sammy Bauch, founder of 0xEssential, the parent company behind Wrasslers. “Chainlink was a big help on my first NFT project CryptOrchids, and Chainlink VRF is even more reliable, fast, and cost-efficient on the Polygon network.”

Metador 🚩 Fair, Trustless and Decentralized Metadata Reveals

· 15 min read

Best practices for how to reveal your NFT project metadata#

For builders new to the NFT space there are some aspects to creating an NFT collection that can be awfully confusing. I often hear from experienced developers dipping their toes into NFTs and one issue that confuses a lot of these builders is the relationship between a smart contract and NFT metadata that includes what the market generally thinks of as an NFT. In this guide I'll explain NFT metadata at a high level, and walk you through an approach for pinning NFT metadata to IPFS and later revealing that metadata to token owners in a fair and trustless manner.

This guide is intended to help developers new to web3 understand this particular aspect of NFTs, but I hope it will be useful to less technical readers as well. I also want to point out that this is one strategy for a narrow type of NFT project with metadata. NFT innovators like Avastars, Luchadores, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, solSeeders and others use more advanced techniques where art is generated and stored on-chain without the need for IPFS. Some community members distrust the permanence of IPFS, but storing your metadata on IPFS is indubitably more decentralized than storing it on your own API server.

Welcome to the Metaverse Wrassling Federation

· 12 min read

Announcing the MWF — an open, on-chain wrestling game for NFT avatars#

The MWF is the flagship project from 0xEssential. We build developer tools for creating portable, interoperable and composable NFTs with metaverse utility. We believe portability is a core tenet of digital property rights, and fear that without open standards for digital objects we will collectively make the same mistakes we did in Web 2.0, where category winners own the metaverse and rent us digital assets from their walled gardens.